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Southwest Porch Roof


In 2010, we received a generous grant from the DuPage Community Foundation to finance several improvements.  The most major of these is the replacement of the Reade Room entry porch roof, at the southwest corner of the chapel.

A big question in the beginning was how much we wanted to expand on the current roof.
There is really not much of a historical “Don't change the original appearance.”
constraint  -  When the chapel was built in 1870, this entrance did not even exist (You can see the original entrance 20’ north of that.).  In 1909, the building known as Cushing Hall was built, and a connection was made between that and the chapel at the chapel's southwest corner.  When Cushing Hall was torn down in 1972, the present entrance was built, with the current little roof.


As you can see, this roof provides very little protection from the elements.  So the question was: Should the roof cover the entire stoop?  Should it continue down the stairs on the south side (right picture)?  Could it continue west and connect to the First Church building?  These decisions are not only our own, but also had to be agreed upon with the First Church of Lombard council.

The decisions we reached are that the new roof should:

1) cover the entire concrete stoop
     not go south down the stairs
     not go north down the ramp

2) imitate the styling of the northwest roof as much as possible, proportionately

Here is the northwest roof, whose details we will match as much as possible:


In our goal to imitate the styling of the northwest porch roof, what we mean by “proportionately” is a consideration that the proposed southwest porch roof will be smaller, so certain details should also be smaller:

1) The posts on the northwest roof are 8” x 8”.  On the southwest roof, they should be 6” x 6”.

2) The picketed soffit around the top of the northwest roof is about 16” high.  Around the southwest roof, it will be 12” high.


The history of this project was:

1) Members of the First Church Council reviewed the design and gave it an informal approval, but the formal approval will be considered at the September meeting.

2) We applied for a building permit from the Village of Lombard, the plans were approved, and were granted the permit.

3) Construction work was done September 20th through October 2nd.




Here is a picture of the varnished beaded-board ceiling and light fixture:


Our main goal had been that the new roof fit into the architecture of the chapel, using the existing northwest roof as a model.  Both roofs appear in this picture, and it shows that that goal has been accomplished.  The new roof fits in to the chapel beautifully, and affords a new level of protection from the elements.