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Improvements from the DCFS 2010 Grant


Our relationship with the DuPage Community Foundation includes an endowment partnership.  DCF has given us valuable advice; In 2010, we had an safety inspection of the main spire and bell at their advice, using their referred resource.

Desired Improvements

This is a set of improvements in various places in the chapel.  Some provided preventative maintenance, while others improved the aesthetics.

1) Repair and refinishing of the two benches in the Reade Room

2) Reade Room bookcase lighting

3) Beaded paneling in bell rope closet

4) Reade Room entry porch roof

5) Interior doors’ alignment and latching

6) Interior door hardware and latch sets

Repair and Refinishing of the Two Benches in the Reade Room

These beautiful benches, estimated to date back to the 1940s, are made of solid maple, and have the rather unusual design that the backs flip over (like railway coach seats).  The benches were in need of maintenance.  Most of the joints had loosened, and they needed to be refinished.  They are once again really beautiful.

Reade Room Entry Porch Roof

Actual construction began Monday, September 20th.  For more information, click here.


Repair and Restoration of Interior Doors

The Reade Room benches and the porch roof will almost completely exhaust our grant money.  We will have a few hundred dollars left over, which we will use to restore interior doors.

Watch for future updates on the DCFS grant projects as work progresses.