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American Heritage Concerts

Pictures from Past Years




April 10, 2005 Americans Who Made Us Smile


March 14, 2004 The Many Faces of America


March 16, 2003   America the Beautiful

This collage was created by Harold Dieter.

Featured performers from The Story of Taps:
Front row from left: Fred Hoebel (narrator), Ken Bohl (composer), Vicki Bohl (conductor),
Back row left: Jason Flaks (bugler)
Soprano trio: (front row) Betty Proreck, (back row) Kecia German, and Debra German

Our surprise guest: weatherman Harry Volkman
pictured here with Vick and Ken

February 24, 2002    American Heroes

Lombard's finest were honored for their
selfless service to the community.

Soloist Shirley Trissel dazzled us with her
rendition of Rhapsody in Blue.

Members of the First Church Choir gave rousing
performances of Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor,
The Star-Spangled Banner, and Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Phil Klickman summed the concert up for all of us
with his heart-felt rendition of God Bless America.

February 25, 2001

Copland's Lincoln Portrait was narrated by
 Lincoln impersonator Max Daniels of Wheaton.
He is pictured here with Ken Bohl.